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SSES Services: Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey


Mathis adheres to the guidelines of the EPA CMOM program (Capacity Management Operation and Maintenance) and NASSCO's PACP/MACP/LACP for sanitary sewer systems, Blizzard Consulting, a division of Mathis Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. provides a variety of Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (SSES) services.

Give us a call today with any questions or about SSES services in Upstate S.C.. We offer trenchless plumbing for Upstate S.C. clients, including tasks like pipe bursting and more. We look forward to providing you with quality care.

Clean/CCTV of Sanitary Sewer & Storm Lines
SubSite Transtar Camera System

Operate in pipes that are 6-inches to 24-inches in diameter.
Record video and images to on-board memory.
PACP and WRc compliant observations for inspections.
ITPipes Mobile inspection Software

PACP and WRc compliant observations for inspections.
Export inspections directly to Client Database and/or GIS Data.
2007 International 7400 Vaccon V311 Combination Truck With VacEx Package.

2020 Kubota RTV X1100C for Easement Scope.

2012 EMS P6 SRERCO Easement Jetter Machine

The key deliverables will be the results of the inspections which will be presented in PACP format, complete with PACP coding and prioritization..

Smoke Testing
Smoke testing is a unique and economical tool used to find areas of inflow (surface water) introduced into the system. Smoke testing typically locates missing clean-out caps, roof and gutter drains connected to the sanitary sewer and faulty or leaking manhole structures.

Upon prioritization of study basins, Mathis Plumbing & Heating crews will develop and implement a smoke test program, systematically starting with the older pipe systems. Smoke testing is typically performed during dry weather months.

A detailed report of smoke testing operations will be presented with repair recommendations.

High Pressure Jetting Service
Clogged main sewer lines can quickly turn from a nuisance into a nightmare for your home, business, city or town attributing to public health hazards.

Whether clogging is caused by sewage backup or other disasters, you need someone who can respond with the right type of equipment and experienced personnel.

Our sewer cleaning services include a high velocity water-jetting machines at pressures from 2,000 to 4,000 psi. Our jetting equipment sets up in minutes and rids your sanitary and storm sewers of blockages more quickly than any other method available.

We can provide a wide range of services such as removal of debris and blockages from:

Manholes, sewer lines, pits and pumping stations.
Storm water lines and pits.
Conduits, process lines.
Catch basins.
Root intrusions (high-powered root cutters).
High velocity water jetting can also be used for grease buildup in drains, process lines and culverts.

Obstructions and debris are removed without any damage to sewer walls The process is clean and environmentally safe.

Catch Basin Maintenance Service
We can handle all of your needs relating to catch basin and storm line cleaning

Catch basins "catch" or collect dirt and other debris. This debris requires periodic removal to ensure no back-ups or stoppages. Using a combination of water jetting along with and high powered vacuum trucks, we can remove roots, debris, etc. from catch basins.

Storm water in a catch basin rises to a certain level inside the basin and then drains into an outflow pipe, which is a storm sewer. Sometimes, this storm sewer needs to be cleaned. A catch basin needs to be vacuumed and cleaned before the dirt rises and plugs the outflow pipe. Removing this debris prevents pollution and expensive flood damage to residential, commercial and municipal properties.

Have your catch basins pumped on a regular basis, at least twice a year.

Vacuum catch basins.
Provide safe disposal of all types of catch basin debris.
Power water jet storm lines, if needed.
Locate breaks in storm lines with cameras, dyes and electronic locating equipment.
Closed Circuit Television
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is the use of video cameras to transmit signals to a monitor.

In many cases, closed circuit television equipment is needed, to determine a problem in a sanitary or storm sewer piping. Why is this such a valuable tool in the sewer and drain business?

CCTV allows us to see exactly where and what the problem is, as well as documenting the issue. All of which is saved to an appropriate media format. This will allow for a more "surgical" repair, instead of excavating and removing large sections of pipe to find the problem.

We can CCTV lines from 1-1/2" to 36" in diameter.

For more information on this, or any other services, please contact us

Sanitary & Storm Sewer Preventative Maintenance Programs
Preventive maintenance (PM) of sewer and storm drain systems is a service in which the customer gets exceptional value from this contract. We offer cleaning of drain lines every six months or on yearly basis. Allows you to project drain cleaning expenses just as you do with your other maintenance expenses.

PM helps in the prevention of problems such as the amount of sludge and debris that builds up in the line over a period of time, sewer back-ups, flooded basements, expensive cleanup cost. This service prevents or minimizes sewer and drain emergencies that can interrupt your business or home. With regular service you can stop problems before they become messy and expensive emergencies.

The result of a successful PM program will extend the life of the sanitary and storm lines inside and outside of buildings, and minimizes unscheduled downtime that causes major problems and unscheduled breakdowns. Our preventive maintenance agreement lets you budget for sewer and drain maintenance and allows you to schedule our visits at a mutually convenient time. Customers get scheduled reminders when contract cleaning is due. We offer PMs to residential, commercial and industrial property owners and management companies.

Call us today to request a consultation and/or bid request - it could save you thousands of dollars.

Residential Drain Inspection Services
Purchasing a home is typically one of the largest investments a person makes. When purchasing a home, there seems to be endless fees associated with the purchase. Many times, buyers try to limit these additional fees by cutting corners.

Lenders require that you have a home inspection, this tells them that the structure, roof, electrical, and plumbing are up to code. Problems found during a home inspection must be corrected before you get a mortgage.

Home inspections not only protect the lender, but also protect the buyer. Most Home Inspection agencies are fairly thorough, but are usually either not equipped or not trained to do a complete inspection of the sanitary sewer lines that connect a house to the city sewer lines and/or septic tanks.

The average cost of replacing a home's sanitary sewer line (also known as a lateral line) is approximately $6,500.00, but can be much higher. Issues with driveways, landscaping, structural foundation drilling to replace pipes and not being able to use anything connected to a drain are issues that usually appear when a sanitary line needs replacing. A sanitary sewer line can seem to be in perfect working condition, but it still may need to be repaired and/or replaced. The only way to know for sure what condition the sanitary system is in would be to see it. This is where we come in.

Mathis will video your sanitary sewer line up to 4 inches (typical home size of residential sanitary line). This video inspection detects sags, offset joints, cracks, grease build up, partially crushed lines, roots and much more. Having a thorough inspection like this can literally save you thousands of dollars. Please see below for a listing of some of our home inspection services:

Video inspections of sanitary sewer line (client keeps video).
Trace and map directional flow of sewer line (additional fees may apply).
Documented report of all findings and suggestive measures outlined to the seller/buyer.
Root removal and de-scaling of lines
Sanitary/Storm line cleaning.
Please keep in mind that this inspection is not mandatory and is only intended to protect the buyer from the possibility of unforeseeable repairs that are typically not detected with standard home inspections. Also, this inspection is not to replace a home inspection, but to compliment one.

If you have any question on these, or any other services we offer, please contact us.

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