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Upstate S.C.'s #1 Trenchless Plumbing Contractor

Trust Epoxy Pipe Restorations of the Southeast for all the services you need from a trenchless plumbing contractor in Upstate S.C.. We believe in using methods that don't require tearing up your driveway or landscaping in order to repipe your compromised water and sewer lines.

Trenchless drain sewer lines

Trenchless Drain & Sewer Lines

As the preferred local trenchless plumbing contractor, we offer trenchless drain and sewer lines to update and restore your plumbing system. Avoid replacing older plumbing lines with traditional methods that require excavation.

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Barrier coating

Barrier Coating

We use premium coating products and techniques so we can vastly improve your current lines. Our goal is to ensure optimal performance and maximum longevity from your plumbing.

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Spin cast coating

Spin Cast Coating

For some jobs, spin cast coating is the best technique to use to restore your existing plumbing lines. We'll assess your plumbing and discuss your options with you to determine what would work best for your unique situation.

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Epoxy brush coating

Epoxy Brush Coating

As the top choice for Upstate S.C. trenchless plumbing, we offer the best long-term solutions to plumbing and pipe problems. Epoxy brush coating is the smart choice to make for thorough coverage inside your pipes to avoid issues like pinhole leaks.

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Spray in place pipe

Spray-In-Place Pipe (SIPP)

Another effective solution for repairing corroded pipes is spray-in-place pipe, or SIPP. We'll inspect your pipes and provide the best plan of action for rehabilitating your plumbing.

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De scaling cast iron sewer drain lines

De-Scaling of Cast Iron Sewer & Drain Lines

Removing the buildup of debris accumulated on your pipes' interior walls over time is essential for better performance. Our de-scaling of cast iron sewer and drain lines is just the service you need.

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SSES Services

Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey is something that's perfect for a trenchless plumbing contractor to handle. Get accurate feedback from your SSES by letting our experts take care of the job for you.

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Pipe lining

Pipe Lining

Improve your existing piping with our professional lining services. We'll provide you with a lining that significantly changes how your plumbing performs and holds up over the next few years.

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Cured in place pipe

CIPP Lining

Cured In-Place Lining, or CIPP, will work miracles for outdated and compromised lines. Why replace your pipes when we can use CIPP techniques to improve them?

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Pipe bursting

Pipe Bursting

Using careful but effective procedures, our pipe bursting approach will run new lines through the old ones for replacement without excavation. For the best service from a trenchless plumbing contractor serving the Greenwood area, get in touch with Epoxy Pipe Restorations of the Southeast today.

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