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Epoxy Brush Coating To Ensure Thorough Coverage Of Your Upstate S.C. Pipe Interiors

Epoxy brush coating

Epoxy Pipe Restorations of the Southeast is able to provide top-notch epoxy brush coating services for clients in Upstate S.C.. We offer the services our customers require the most frequently, from spin cast coating to Cipp lining and more.

An epoxy pipe lining can be a viable and long-lasting solution if you're a property owner with old or deteriorating cast iron pipes. Our coating is the perfect way to keep your plumbing functioning properly and running smoothly for years to come.

Our company uses an epoxy spin-cast barrier spray coating to be able to apply epoxy pipe lining to reline pipes up to 60 inches and for up to 700 linear feet in a single pass. This technique can be used successfully for hundreds of miles underground without the need to tear up your yard or driveway. Plus, our epoxy brush coating is fast and convenient and can accommodate both vertical and horizontal pipes.

Painting Epoxy Seal From The Inside

As the preferred local resource for trenchless plumbing for Greenwood, we try to provide all of the services our clients frequently need, like epoxy brush coating. Sealing older pipes from the inside makes a world of difference in how your pipes perform and hold up over the years.

Painting epoxy seal from the inside is the next best thing to total pipe replacement without the expense, hassle, and destruction of your property.

  • Salvage existing pipes without replacing them
  • Avoid tearing up landscaping, yard, and driveway for replacement
  • Less intrusive and invasive than traditional methods
  • Fix existing leaks while helping to prevent future ones
  • Improve the overall performance of your plumbing
  • Extend the longevity of your pipes

You can trust our team to deliver exceptional results, so call us now to schedule your service appointment or request your free quote.

Picote Certified Installers

We're proud to be certified installers for Picote, a top coating to maximize the lifespan and performance of your pipes. We use methods to pump resin into the pipe, which is brushed onto the wall. The brushes return to the starting point, and the results are inspected using a camera.

When needed, multiple coats are applied, and hot air may be used to speed up the curing process. At Epoxy Pipe Restorations of the Southeast, we're the experts to trust for impeccable service. Feel free to contact us by phone in Upstate S.C. to arrange for your epoxy brush coating service.

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