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ePipe Repair Services in South Carolina

Pipe Repair Greenwood, SC

Epoxy Pipe Restorations is your premier, one-stop-shop for all of your Epoxy Pipe Repair and Pipe Remodeling Services anywhere in Greenwood SC, Atlanta GA, Charlotte NC and the surrounding areas. At Epoxy Pipe Restorations, we pride ourselves in training and employing the highest quality workers; quality craftsmen who share our commitment to your satisfaction. Our company offers a wide range of painting and remodeling services, and we approach every project with quality and craftsmanship.

Read below for a full list of remodeling services we offer, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call at 877-534-9747 or complete our online request form.

Water Pipe Restoration

Water Pipe Restoration South CarolinaInstead of chancing further damage by trying to perform even the simplest of water pipe repairs by yourself, call our expert Greenwood Water Pipe Restoration Contractors as soon as possible. At Epoxy Pipe Restorations, we possess the knowledge and experience needed to accurately and efficiently finish your water pipe restoration project.Read More

Alternative to Re-pipe

Alternative to Re-pipe South CarolinaTraditional repiping in the past has been the only solution to pipe replacement, which recently has been exposed as a temporary fix. Now, however, there is a Greenwood Re-pipe Alternative called epoxy pipe restoration. At Epoxy Pipe Restorations, our plumbers are able to offer this innovative alternative to re-pipes and re-piping services.Read More

Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process

Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process South CarolinaAt Epoxy Pipe Restorations, our Greenwood area pipe lining contractors can use our the proven Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process to repair pipes and install new pipe lining without digging or breaking down walls. Read More

Water Pipe Leak Solution

Water Pipe Leak Solution South CarolinaOur Greenwood Water Pipe Leak Solution experts can help you quickly identify and contain your pipe leak as well as prevent future leaks from happening in your home's plumbing.Read More

Lining of Water Pipes

Lining of Water Pipes South CarolinaAt Epoxy Pipe Restorations, our Greenwood Water Pipe Lining Contractors can repair water pipes or sewer lines quickly and easily without damaging property and landscaping. Read More

Trenchless Line Repair and Replacement

Trenchless Line Repair and Replacement South CarolinaAt Epoxy Pipe Restorations, trenchless line repair and replacement is a process in which a sewer or water line is replaced without disturbing the land. This process saves your property from damage, yet gives you a new and functional sewer line.Read More

Pipe Bursting

Pipe Bursting South Carolina If you have a water blockage, your pipes should be thawed immediately. If a water pipe bursts, call Epoxy Pipe Restorations to prevent or limit any flood damage and repair the pipe.Read More

Sewer & Drain Pipe Lining

Sewer & Drain Pipe Lining South CarolinaAt Epoxy Pipe Restorations we are proud to offer sewer pipe lining and drain pipe lining services to residential and commercial property owners in Greenwood, SC and surrounding areas.Read More

Structural In-Line Repair

Structural In-Line Repair South CarolinaAt Epoxy Pipe Restorations, our Structural In-Line Repair service takes less time than older methods of drain or sewer line repair and costs less than traditional excavation and restoration. Read More

Epoxy Pipe Solutions

There are a number of plumbing issues that can be directly repaired by ePIPE. The epoxy coating instantly repairs leaks without removing your original piping. Part of the installation involves cleaning the interior of your existing pipes and measuring water flow with specialized equipment. For this reason, you may have unexpected benefits to your ePIPE installation.

Epoxy Pipe provides a cost effective solution to the following problems

  • Water Contamination
  • Thinning Copper Pipes & Pinhole Leaks
  • Water Discoloration
  • Poor Water Pressure & Encrusted Galvanized Metals

Water Contamination - When your pipes are corroded, this causes contamination to occur to your drinking water. This is especially true with lead and copper pipes. ePIPE lessens corrosion by covering the area completely in an epoxy. The corrosion discontinues growth because it is no longer interacting with water.

Thinning Copper Pipes & Pinhole Leaks – When you have many tiny leaks in your pipe system, this can lead to bigger problems. Mold and water damage can lead to costly repairs to ceilings, floors, walls, drywall, and carpets.

Pinhole leaks are a sign of thinning copper pipes. ePIPE does not require you to remove and replace thinning copper pips. Overnight, ePIPE restores pipe water flow and prevents pinhole leaks. This saves you money in the long term due to prevention of other repairs and services.

Water Discoloration - Mud colored water is due directly to the condition of the pipes in a home or office. The water that leaves the water treatment plant is perfectly clean. When it reaches your plumbing, it interacts with exposed metal piping in your walls.

This leads to red or brown colored water. ePIPE fully restores your water color to clear and tasty by lining rusted pipes. When the pipes are no longer exposed to water, you can ensure that the rusting process has also been interrupted.

Poor Water Pressure & Encrusted Galvanized Metals - When your shower or water pressure is failing, it is a sign that something is wrong with the pipes. Most likely, if you don't have any visible leaks, it is a problem inside of the pipes.

Even with a hard water softener, corrosion can still collect and lead to encrusted galvanized metals. These blockages cause water pressure to fail. Part of the ePIPE process involves cleaning and removing encrusted galvanized metals.


The Epoxy Pipe Process

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“How it Works”

  • Air is heated and compressed to dry the inside of the pipes
  • Aluminum Oxide grit in the air stream abrasively cleans the pipes
  • Epoxy barrier coating is applied on the inside to seal any leaks and protect the pipes


More in detail...

1. Our professional level of service is put in place. When we begin service in any home or business, protocol for service is put into place. This means that you can expect dirty shoes to be covered in order to protect your floors. Clean tarps are put in place of any tools or equipment we need to place on the floors. We also take pride in our customer service. All of these tools are essential parts of the ePIPE installation package.

2. Your plumbing is carefully disconnected for an hour or more depending on the size of the job. In order to install ePIPE, we need to interrupt your local water service for 1 or more hours. If your home or office is of standard size, you can expect ePIPE installation to be quick.

3. Pipes are air dried. Using specialized equipment, all of the water is cleared from your original pipes. Once the water is removed and drained, the pipes are fully dried. This prepares the pipes for the cleaning needed to ensure that ePIPE works correctly.

4. Pipes are cleaned by a gentle sandblasting. After the pipes are dried, a separate system uses a specialized technique in order to remove any corrosion from your original pipes. The cleaning also helps the ePIPE solution to stick to the pipe surface. The material used to clean is then removed with air pressure.

5. Epoxy coating applied. The most important step in any plumbing service is the actual repair to your system. However, keep in mind that the ePIPE restoration installation is specifically designed to do two jobs at once. The ePIPE installation of epoxy coating repairs any pinhole leaks and other small weak spots along the way. Once it dries, it keeps your pipes airtight. In the long run, the epoxy saves you from costly major repairs that involve removing walls and interrupting service.

6. Pipes are tested. After the epoxy dries, the ePIPE process is almost complete. The final step of the application is to test the pipes to ensure they are dry. A final test is performed once the plumbing service is restored.

7. Plumbing is restored to previous service. Once the main plumbing line has been turned on, the plumbing is tested one more time. Once air pressure and volume have been gauged, the job is complete. ePIPE restoration is known for its quickness of installation.

8. Professional service closes the ePIPE installation with a careful inspection for any cleaning that needs to be done. Unlike traditional pipe repair, you won't have messy drywall dust all over the room. You will also be spared the sound of saws cutting metal pipes. This means that you don't need to worry about closing down your business during ePIPE installation. It also means that homeowners can stay comfortably at home while ePIPE is being installed.

ePIPE leaves very little mess behind. ePIPE is not only a less invasive technique, but it is also installed by trained professionals who know that the best service you can give is by keeping your plumbing presence to a minimum.

Epoxy Pipe Benefits

Most people are having ePipe installed to take care of pinhole leaks as a cost saving alternative to pipe removal and replacement. However, ePIPE has an overwhelming number of benefits to offer homeowners, commercial property management, and businesses.

Out of all the benefits that appeal to a wide range of customers, the following items are the most popular:

  • Cleaner Drinking Water
  • Leak Prevention
  • No Digging Necessary
  • No Wall Busting
  • Improvement to Water Pressure
  • Quicker
  • Engineer Designed and Tested

Cleaner Drinking Water

Safe drinking water standards are an ongoing concern in the modern world. Right now, Europe is scrambling to meet the 2013 guidelines for lead found in drinking water. Lead pipes that had ePIPE installed were found to have drinking water that did not include unacceptable levels of lead.

Leak Prevention

Water damage is no laughing matter. It leads to mold, mildew, and sagging walls. In order to repair the leaks, walls need to be removed. Pipes will be taken out and replaced with new ones. However, ePIPE has changed all of that. It reseals the pipes you already have. This leads to less construction and rebuilding in your home or office.

No Digging Necessary

If you have major plumbing problems, often the pipes outside are to blame. ePIPE saves you money on lawn repair and maintenance. Instead of replacing the pipes you already have, ePIPE coats the inside of the original pipes and seals leaks.

No Wall Busting

Intrusion into walls is common place with traditional plumbing repair techniques. ePIPE is, thankfully, not traditional in any way! Instead of reaching into the walls and removing drywall, the pipes are repaired through an automated and professionally engineered system.

Improvement to Water Pressure

Commercial property owners and homeowners are often puzzled by water pressure issues. This is often due to corrosion that builds up in the pipes. ePIPE is a multi-process installation. One step is to dry and sandblast the inside of the pipes. This loosens corrosion dramatically. The machines help to diagnose areas of your existing pipes that have limited capacity in case the sandblasting is not entirely effective.


Gone are the days when having a plumbing issue meant evacuating your home, dealing with dust, and not having water service for the entire time the repair is being done. Office and businesses also benefit from the quickness of the ePIPE installation. With the exception of larger commercial property installations, most ePIPE customers can expect their water service restored the same day.

Engineer Designed and Tested

Although ePIPE is most often used in Europe, it has been available for over 20 years in North America also. Developed by a team of engineers, ePIPE has been continually tested in the laboratory and in the field.

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If you are looking for Pipe Repairs in South Carolina, Georgia, or North Carolina then please call 877-534-9747 or complete our online request form.