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How to Avoid Clogged Drains

How to Avoid Clogged DrainsNothing ruins your day quite as quickly as a clogged pipe can. Out of nowhere, you could find yourself unable to use your plumbing installations while also facing the reality of a costly plumbing repair.

Luckily, you can help to avoid this headache by simply knowing how to avoid clogged drains. And the easiest way to do that is to simply know what items you should NEVER put down your drains. Here is a list of some of the most common and most damaging items people put down their drains every day:

Grease, Fat, & Oil

We've all been there: You just browned some meat, and now you have to drain all of that greasy fat. And when the kitchens jumping with activity, you might easily convince yourself that the easiest way to get rid of that grease is right down the drain.

But don't think that! Even if you chase it with gallons of hot water, grease will cling to your sink's pipes, where it will gradually build up as you continue to throw more down the drain. And the same goes for oils such as those on your salads. The easy solution: Don't take the "easy" solution when it comes to disposing of excessive fats and oils.

Coffee Grounds

Nothing makes your morning quite like a fresh pot of coffee straight out of bed. But nothing else ruins your day quite like a badly clogged drain line that'll require a costly plumbing repair. And believe it or not, that same coffee that makes your day can also break your day.

Well, maybe not the coffee itself & but the grounds it leaves behind. Like with grease, you might be very tempted to simply pour your old coffee grounds down the sink when you're done with them, but resist that temptation. Your coffee grounds will only swell and latch on to your pipes, leading to clogs. Instead of pouring them down the sink, consider starting a compost heap.


Here's another staple of a good morning: eggs. Scramble them, fry them, make them into an omelette & cook them up however you like and enjoy a great day! But when you're done with your healthy egg-based breakfast, be sure to give your sink a chance at a great day without clogs by not throwing your old eggshells down it.

Yes, we've all heard the old DIY tip: run eggshells through your garbage disposal to clean it. But here's a better tip: Forget that tip and just never put eggshells down your drain. They can latch on to your pipes and can collect dirt and hair, in time turning into a regular rat king of a clog.

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