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How Do My Pipes Get So Corroded And Leaky?

epoxy pipe restoration and replacement

Sediments in your fresh water supply can cause your pipes to get coated with lime and scale that can eventually completely narrow out your water pipes on the inside. Once this happens, the corrosion can cause weak points at connections, causing added pressure that can lead to leaking. Rust alone can damage your metal pipes and fixtures causing leaks. Sediments are present in all our fresh water supplies because of the natural processes that take place within the earth. Rain water soaks the ground, picking up bits of carbon dioxide from the air along the way. This is what makes the water slightly acidic by the time it reaches the earth, becoming an acidic solvent.

If you've heard the term, "Hard Water" this is where it comes from. The water will contain concentrated calcium, magnesium, sulfate, and carbonate which becomes scale when heated to a certain degrees. Your hot water is a huge scale producer, which is why it's so important to have it cleaned out every year. Your home's water heater can build up so much scale within the drainage pipes and fresh hot water lines that you have to have your pipes professionally waterjetted. But worse, it can also bring about rust that works with the scale to corrode and destroy your home's water pipes.

Just like dissolved minerals make up solid rock, these dissolved minerals form a solid, hard clog in your pipes. If your pipes burst or leak from all the corrosion, there's nothing that can be done but replace them. This can be a nightmare with your lawn dug up, your foundation ripped open, or your walls torn apart to replace the pipes, or if you have a plumber who can do epoxy pipe replacement, you can have them replaced without all the mess and labor charges for the excavation. Epoxy pipe replacement replaces your pipes with different methods that are right for you with no excavating.

Be sure that you don't make a habit of drinking from your hot water line unless you filter the water first. You don't want to drink straight hot tap water because you'll be ingesting the heated minerals. And if you see a powdery substance that sticks like glue to your clean dishes coming out of the dishwasher, you'll want to get your hot water tank and pipes cleaned out thoroughly because the problem will only get worse. Scale can buildup to such a degree that it accumulates in your hot water tank, covering the lower heating elements and burning them out. We are the expert epoxy pipe restoration company out of Greenwood, SC that can help you with your water pipe restorations. Whether your pipes have burst or built up scale or you have need for complete pipe replacement, we're the professionals you'll want to give you a clean job that doesn't tear up your home's lawn, foundation, or walls.

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