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Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Replacements

greenwood trenchless pipe replacements

Repairing any pipes, water lines, or sewer lines can be a very difficult and time-consuming project. Any homeowner who's had their landscape dug up to repair or replace pipes knows how huge of an inconvenience the job can be. At Epoxy Pipe Restorations of the Southeast, our professional Greenwood pipe repair experts can provide you with trenchless pipe and line replacement and repairs to help you get the job done with as little of a mess as possible.

Trenchless pipe repairs are just as effective as as traditional pipe and line repairs, but they have a number of advantages over them. Our professionals can help you decide if trenchless repairs are right for the job that you need done, and we've also put together a few of the best benefits of trenchless pipe repair:

1. It's Cleaner

Many homes have sewer or water lines that run from the house through their yard, beneath beautiful and expensive landscaping or hardscaping. When you need to have these lines repaired or replaced, traditional methods can require that you dig up these parts of your Greenwood home, which will not only make your landscape less attractive, but will also cost thousands of dollars to repair.

During trenchless pipe repairs, we'll only need to dig two small holes in your property at the entrance and exit of the pipes. This minimizes the damage to your property.

2. It's Faster

Because our professionals won't need to dig up your home's yard, trenchless line repairs are much quicker than tradition repairs. Traditional repairs or replacements of water or sewer lines can last a few a weeks at your Greenwood home, but trenchless repairs and replacements will last for a few days at most.

3. It's Less Expensive

Trenchless line repairs and replacements require less labor and take less time, so naturally, they cost less to have performed. You'll get the same repair service, but it will be much faster and for less money than repairs done using trenches.

4. It Can Be More Effective

Trenchless pipe repairs use cure-in-place lines or full replacements may use seamless Polyethylene piping. This new technology gives a joint-free piping that prevents tree root evasions, cracks and off-set pipes that are so common in older piping materials. It also will not corrode or rust like some other materials may.

5. It Has Better Functionality

These pipes will last longer, need fewer repairs, and they'll use seamless technology, which can actually improve the way that your sewer system functions. Pipe liners can increase flow capacity and new piping using trenchless methods can be larger than the previous pipes, adding more flow capacity as well.

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