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EPIPE Process & Benefits Greenwood, South Carolina

Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process Greenwood

Experiencing pipe corrosion, rusty water, pinhole leaks, low water flow or similar pipe problems?

At Epoxy Pipe Restorations, our Greenwood area pipe lining contractors can use our the proven Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process to repair pipes and install new pipe lining barrier without digging or breaking down walls. This will save building owners and homeowners thousands of dollars, while also saving occupants the messy, noisy and destructive experience of a conventional repipe.

How Our Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process Works:

Air hoses are connected to the piping system. The isolated system is then dried with preheated, filtered air.

The dried pipes are cleaned using an air and abrasive mixture that prepares the inside surface of the pipes for proper bonding of the epoxy. An air and corundum mixture is used to sandblast the inside of the leaky pipes.

The final stage of the ePIPE¨ pipe restoration process is the application of the copper pipe epoxy coating lining to the system.

  • Stops Pinhole Leaks - The epoxy lined pipe, ePIPE® will last for years, preventing leaks in your piping system.
  • No Wall Damage - The patented ePIPE® process restores your pipes without the mess and expense of a repipe.
  • Cost Effective - Because there is no need to destroy walls, ceilings, or floors, you save a significant amount of money in reconstruction costs.
  • Better Than New - The ePIPE® process is quiet and unlike a repiping construction job, ePIPE® restoration takes place within the pipe.
  • Improved water flow - Significant build up of pipe corrosion or pinhole leaks can cause low water flow. The ePIPE® process gives you the flow your system was intended to deliver.
  • Clean Water - No more rusty water or water discoloration. No more lead or copper contamination. ePIPE® provides a safe, clean, epoxy-lined piping system.

Our Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process Includes These Detailed Services

  • ePipe Repairs
  • Ace Duraflo Pipe Repairs
  • Water Pipe Restoration
  • Water Pipe Lining Restoration
  • ePipe Lining Restoration
  • Water Pipe Leak Restoration
  • Duraflo Pipe Restoration
  • ePoxy Pipe Lining Restoration
  • Ace Duraflo Pipe Restoration

We Provide Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process in the Following Areas:

Greenville, SC | Spartanburg, SC | Anderson, SC | Columbia, SC | Greenwood, SC | Abbeville, SC | McCormick, SC | Edgefield, SC | Saluda, SC | Newberry, SC | Laurens, SC | Aiken, SC | Lexington, SC

Georgia - Augusta, GA

And more

Why Homeowners Should Hire Us For Their Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process

Our experts in Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process and ePipe Repairs at Epoxy Pipe Restoration can help you make the right choice when it comes to deciding on the appropriate Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process for your home.

We are so confident in the quality of our Greenwood Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process Services, that we offer a total labor satisfaction guarantee.  No job is complete until the homeowner, contractor and installation specialist have finished the final inspection and everyone's satisfaction is met. Our licensed master craftsmen are required to attend One or more continuing education courses annually to ensure superior workmanship.  On the job, they provide clear communication with the highest level of professionalism.

Epoxy Pipe Restoration is a Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process company that Greenwood, Columbia, Anderson and Greenwood area homeowners have to come to rely on for quality pipe remodeling and restoration as well as pipe leak repair and replacement piping services. With our experienced plumbing repair contractors you can rest easy knowing your home's pipes are in good hands. All of our professional plumbers are trained and skilled in the water pipe, sewer pipe, and trenchless plumbing restoration fields.

Since day one our goal has been to provide local homeowners with Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process services that are second to none. We will work with you every step along to way to ensure that you are truly happy with our pipe repair services and your finished product. Call to speak with one of our Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process contractors today and see why Epoxy Pipe Restoration has become a trusted plumbing and pipe lining, repipe, and restoration company!

Epoxy Pipe Restoration always ensures that each Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process project is implemented correctly for both aesthetic and functional purposes. When you choose us as your Greenwood epoxy pipe repair contractor, you can rest assured that you will receive exceptional quality craftsmanship, fair pricing, and durable, long lasting results that are on time and on budget. Call today for a free estimate regarding your Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process project.

 don't repipe

If you are looking for Epipe & Ace Duraflo Process in South Carolina, Georgia, or North Carolina then please call 877-534-9747 or complete our online request form.